Buying Stock in Gold Mining?

Diversifying your portfolio with gold has always been a way to hedge against the fear of inflation, a falling dollar or bear market. With its negative correlation to the stock market, it provides a safe haven when an economy turns south. Purchasing physical gold bullion has always been one way that investors increase their exposure […]

How To Buy Your First Stock

Lets face it: the stock market is rip roaring to new highs, and you want to get in on the action. Gone are the memories of 2008 and 2009, when the broad markets were cut in half violently, and some folks lost half their net worth. With the Federal Reserve having been very loose on […]

Best Time to Invest in your First Stock

As soon as you get your first full-time position as a young adult, you may be asked if you want to contribute money to a retirement account with each paycheck. For many young adults, however, retirement and stock accounts may seem foreign, and the inclination is therefore to decline the option to start a retirement […]

Best Precious Metal Stock to Invest in Now

Not a lot of people have invested in precious metals. Precious metals can be a greater investment than other assets because of their ability to retain their value in the long term. They retain their value even when currencies depreciate. People often tend to ask themselves one common question; Which are the best precious metals […]

Investing in Gold Pros/Cons

People have used gold as currency for thousands of years, but in recent years, it has primarily been used as wealth protection during economic downturns. When the global economy crashed in 2008, investors bought as much gold as they could to offset the losses in their stock, bond, and real estate portfolios. As the economy […]

The Worst Companies To Invest In

When people are interested in investing, they need to be careful which companies they wish to take a chance on. There are several companies that they will want to stay away from because they will not make money on them when they are investing in them. It is always recommended, that if someone isn’t sure […]